Clarity Factory featured in HR Magazine

The Clarity Factory's new report, The Business Value of Corporate Security, was featured in HR Magazine. The piece focused on one of the report's key findings - that geopolitics is now one of the most important risks faced by companies. It stressed the importance of HR professionals understanding these risks and being ready to play their part in achieving organisational resilience.

It is encouraging to see the report gaining traction within the HR community, given the importance of partnership between corporate security ad HR functions. Notably, they have an important job to do together in tackling insider risk, which our report shows is one of the top three risks, according to Chief Security Officers (CSOs) of multinational companies. Forty percent of CSOs ranked it within their top three risks, and a majority said the risk to their company is increasing.

The report provides a wealth of practical examples of how corporate security functions are partnering with colleagues across the company. You can read The Business Value of Corporate Security here.

Photo by Pixabay