NEW REPORT: The Business Value of Corporate Security

The Clarity Factory has today published a new report: The Business Value of Corporate Security: Sustainable commercial success through insight, resilience and crisis leadership in a volatile world.

Today’s global business environment presents challenges to multinational corporations: geopolitics, volatility, sophisticated and persistent security risks, pressure to respond to social and political issues, and risks that are increasingly interconnected. Companies are responding by increasing their risk appetite, shifting locations and supply chains, increasing scenario planning, bolstering crisis management capability, and seeking a different kind of leader.

This report seeks to understand what these trends mean for the corporate security function: its value proposition, leadership, talent, areas of responsibility, business alignment, and changing C-Suite needs.

As leaders grapple with the challenges outlined in this report, the importance of corporate security is heightened; its opportunity to influence made greater.

Senior leaders who support their CSOs in pursuing the vision outlined in this report will realise the business value of corporate security.

 Photo by Adrien Olichon