How to turn your security program into a strategic business advantage

Our CEO, Rachel Briggs OBE joined Chuck Randolph of Ontic and Arian Avila of Capital One to discuss the challenges faced by corporate security functions and how those willing to embrace change will win big, and those that don’t will struggle to keep pace.

Our research shows that there has never been a more difficult time to be a corporate security leader – a complex, fast paced and sophisticated threat environment paired with substantial change within corporations – digital transformation, generational change, technological churn – make innovation, higher productivity, better decision making, ever-closer business alignment, and new skills critical to the success. This requires ongoing change management alongside a full in-tray.

You can watch their discussion and hear how corporate security leaders like Arian are responding to these challenges. Rachel presents some of The Clarity Factory‘s research and outlines the diversity dividend for corporate security.

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