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    Paul Sizemore is a technologist, specializing in user experience, product development, data analytics and digital transformation.


    He has worked with Fortune 100 companies, including Freddie Mac, Humana-Vitality, and Kroger and consulted with The World Bank Group. He is passionate about helping clients to design, implement and improve their technology products and services.


    A data miner by instinct and training, he has created data tools for a range of clients to generate knowledge and insight to drive strategic decision making. He worked with the Mayor’s Office in Louisville, Kentucky, to develop a dataset to help drive business relocation to the state. He has worked with AWS since 2008, and has a wide range of experience helping clients manage digital transformation processes. He uses Sketch, InVision, Axure, SAFe Agile framework, Mural, Sketch and Storybook.


    He was on the Regional Board of Directors for the Project Management Institute, a Steering Committee member for ProductCamp Austin and DC, and is a graduate of the prestigious Future London Academy class of 2021.