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The Future of Talent in the Security Function

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We have teamed up with SI Placement to conduct a survey on the future talent needs of security functions, as part of our joint industry-wide study on talent within the function. Deadline: Monday July, 8, 2024.


About our Future Talent study

The corporate security function is at an inflection point; trends outside organizations are impacting what the function does, how it positions itself, its relationship with other functions, and its value proposition. Chief Security Officers (CSOs) are grappling with the impacts of geopolitics and volatility, new threats including cyber and nation state actors, social and political polarization, the growing misuse of technology, and a changed regulatory environment.

Like colleagues across the business, CSOs must also adapt to trends within the business; digitalization and the widescale adoption of new technology including AI and Gen AI, privacy concerns, shifting notions of duty of care, an increased emphasis on resilience, demands from the C-Suite to provide a more unified view of risk, new work-patterns, generational change, and a growing need to tackle staff wellbeing.

Talent is critical to a corporate security function’s ability to effectively navigate these changes and seize the opportunities associated with new global business operating environments.

SI Placement and The Clarity Factory are launching a major joint industry-wide program, Corporate Security: Future Talent, to provide new data, fresh analysis, and actionable insights for CSOs and C-Suite leaders to help them make sense of these trends and create fit-for-purpose talent strategies.

The program will address the key talent-related challenges for CSOs:

  • Skills matrix: What skills, competencies, and experiences do corporate security functions need today and for the future?
  • Talent development: What are the latest best practices in talent development and retention?
  • Talent acquisition: How are successful CSOs approaching talent acquisition?
  • Diversity: What are the best ways to attract, retain, manage, and develop diverse teams?
  • CSO of the future: What skills, competencies, qualities, and qualifications does the CSO of the future need?
  • C-Suite demands: How will changing C-Suite demands impact CSOs and the corporate security function?

The Future Talent Program can help CSOs and corporate security leaders in the following ways:

  • New data to help you benchmark your talent strategy.
  • Anonymous case studies to bring to life trends and emerging good practices.
  • Original analysis to help you future-proof your talent strategies.
  • Practical advice on good practices that you can apply immediately to your talent strategy.
  • Presentations for your leadership team.
  • Presentations for your industry membership organizations.

How you can get involved with the Future Talent Program:

  • Help us shape the program by sharing your talent questions, concerns, and experiences.
  • Complete and circulate our global survey in June 2024 to generate data on talent in corporate security.
  • Offer an anonymous case study of your talent experiences.
  • Help us to spread the word by sharing information about the program on LinkedIn and through your professional associations.

The Future Talent Program launches in April and runs until the end of 2024. If you would like further information, to be kept informed of data and analysis, or to discuss ways in which you can contribute to or benefit from the Future Talent Program, contact Kathy Lavinder of SI Placement or Rachel Briggs of The Clarity Factory.

Take our survey on the future of talent within the security function: Survey launches June 3, 2024